USB Safeguard Free Edition is one of those great products that are aiming to protect computer users and all of their important information. The internet is full of spam, viruses, and infections and so on and programs like this aim to reduce the risk of computer users getting damaged files or folders thanks to surfing the web. Not only this, but as computer users; we at constant risk to hackers who consistently try to ruin our computers and everything on them.

The USB Safeguard Free Edition is great because it is a portable piece of software. What the USB Safeguard Free Edition software manages to do is to encrypt and constantly protect data by using a password access system. If the person trying to access the device does not have the password, then entry to the system will be denied. This is hardly something that is easy to crack either, as it uses a AES 256 bits encryption.

The installation process of USB Safeguard Free Edition

The installation process of the USB Safeguard Free Edition is actually quite long winded in comparison to the product that is eventually installed. That being said, it only takes a matter of minutes to get the software installed, so there is no real harm done. The download to first use process should not take any longer than 10 minutes, so computer users are getting the protection they need extremely quickly.

USB Safeguard Free Edition in use

The idea behind the USB Safeguard Free Edition software was to ensure that data was encrypted with a password to ensure that no other person was able to gain access to them. The clever thing about the USB Safeguard Free Edition is that the passwords were incorporated into removable pen drives, using a high tech AES 256 bits encryption system, meaning the chances of someone managing to gain access is going to be extremely slim.

Of course, the main advantage of the USB Safeguard Free Edition software is that people can travel the world with important documents. These people know that even if they lose the documents on the pen drive, then they are password protected, so nobody will be able to gain access to them. Previously, these documents were likely to be stolen and in some cases, the high profile ones would have been sold to newspapers. The USB Safeguard Free Edition software gets rid of these problems completely. The free version can work with up to 2GB.

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  1. ray

    USB Safeguard has been involved in three catastrophic problems:

    3 different types of USB flash drives on 3 different computers have had data on them, been “locked” with this program, and when unlocked the drives say the same thing: the things are not formatted!!!!

    Free is great. Reliable is better. Unreliable is bad. Consistent unreliability can be confirmed by once or twice, but the third time it’s quite likely the program is the problem.

    I’d love to hear a solution for this. This last one has some vital information. File recovery programs I sused the first two times confirmed the lack of formatting.

    I feel idiotic for relying on the program, but all these folks giving it good reviews is distracting.

    However, after 3 incidences under varied circumstances, something is likely to be amiss with that program.

  2. George

    I have experienced the same issue. An Excel file became corrupted behind USBSafeguard. Very frustrating after spending hours creating the file!

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