There was once a time when floppy drives were used every single day. Nowadays, computer users would be lucky if they even owned one. The reality is that they are no longer needed and this is something that is likely to happen to optical drives in the near future, something that WinToFlash is hoping to solve.

WinToFlash is basically a piece of software that functions as a wizard. What this piece of software achieves is that it will pull content from a CD or DVD that has been used in a windows installation. From this point onwards, it will prep the USB drive allowing it to become a replacement in bootable form for the optical drive. Confusing, but it really does work!

Installation of WinToFlash

Whilst the WinToFlash may seem like an extremely complicated piece of software, it’s actually fairly simple in its basic form. For that reason, do not expect the installation process to take particularly long. After finding somewhere to obtain a freeware download, start the installation process. Like most pieces of software these days, the installation process will be a walk through, with on screen instructions explaining exactly what to do. The operating system and memory will determine how quickly the software gets installed.

WinToFlash in use

Most people find that the most important thing about a new program is whether or not it is easy to use. The problem with a lot of programs is that they tend to be incredibly complicated to use. This is certainly not the case with WinToFlash, which has been designed to be simple, yet effective.

The great thing about using WinToFlash is that users do not have to worry about discs that have excessive scratches on them. Instead, they can get rid of all their old discs as they can transfer everything onto a flash drive which can be stored in a safe place. The optical drive is going to fade out over time and eventually, the media will focus its attention on something else and so will the rest of the technological world.

The functions and features relating to the WinToFlash software are literally never ending. Users need to ensure that they are operating using Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 in order for the program to work. They can use the software for basic transfer but also for erasing USB content as well. WinToFlash has plenty of capabilities which allow users to achieve exactly what they want.

Download WinToFlash from Brothersoft

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