Yoics has managed to develop a clever yet compact free internet cloud solution for users. Now users can network any devices that they have across the internet, without paying a penny. Signing up with Yoics is completely free. Simply register the devices, data or applications that are needed and link them to the Yoics account. That is literally it, now users can start connecting and sharing using a web application that is not just connected, but secure at the same time.Main Functions

Yoics is basically a free internet cloud solution. Basically, it allows users to network devices quickly and easily, rather than manually configuring each of the devices that they own. Configuring a range of devices can be time consuming, but it can also be extremely frustrating for users that are not really experienced in the networking process. Instead, using a secure internet connection and the Yoics free internet cloud solution, users can quickly and easily set-up their devices so that they are completely in sync.

For those that are slightly more technical, they might see Yoics free internet based cloud solution as something similar to a VPN (virtual private network). Of course, the main difference is that they do not have to pay anything, unlike the expense of a decent VPN. The fact is that Yoics is extremely versitile, thanks to the range of features and the operating systems that it supports.

Pros and cons

Yoics free cloud solution is something that many companies would charge for. Developers have got to work hard, ensuring that this cloud solution is one of the very best, yet they are giving it away for free! The features incorporated into the software make this one of the easiest cloud solutions to use. Whilst technical and computer based knowledge is useful, inexperienced computer users can still make the most out of this cloud solution.
The features might be extremely impressive, but the installation process might not be. Many users have commented that the installation is time consuming and that Yoics takes up a lot of storage space.

Supported Operating systems

Yoics is available for the following operating systems: Windows, OSX, Android, IOS, Linux and Linux.

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